Re-tipping Info

To Re-tip or Replace your Cavitron Inserts - that must be the question...

More and more Doctors are replacing inserts rather than re-tipping largely due to the availability of high quality, lower cost alternatives.

Re-tipping costs $90.  A new brand high quality insert made in the USA is only $55

These inserts are comparable to the ones from Denstply and Hu-Friedy. 

You can buy almost two new ones for the cost of re-tipping a used one and they should last twice as long. 
Re-tipping takes a couple weeks, a new insert can be delivered in a couple days.

Here are a couple popular styles we sell which you can order by calling
 (508) 589-4172:

30 KHz 25 KHz
IF50 #10 Streamline IF50 #10 Streamline
IF100 #100 Slim IF100 #100 Slim